speedometer Performance

LiteSpeed API – Supercharging PHP

Apache mod_lsapi is a module based on LiteSpeed Technologies API for PHP, Ruby and Python. It offers excellent PHP performance, low memory footprint coupled with great security and support for opcode caching.

Opcache – The integrated PHP cache system

OPcache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.

OptimumCache on SSD Drives

With OptimumCache, the file gets loaded from filesystem cache. By doing that, system bypasses disk IO, significantly improving the speed of reading that file, while lowering load on the hard disk. As the file had been read from disk just once, it is cached by filesystem cache just once and improving overall cache efficiency. This in turn reduces memory usage, decreases the number of disk operations – all while improving the websites response time.

analytics Stability

Use of CloudLinux and KernelCare

Why CloudLinux?

CloudLinux became the first commercially supported OS specifically designed for hosting providers. CloudLinux has received numerous awards and has been praised by hundreds of shared hosting providers for resolving their stability problems. Web Hosting Search called it “The perfect OS for shared hosting.”

CloudLinux benefits:

  • Isolates users from each other to avoid the “bad neighbor effect”
  • Prevents users from seeing configuration files, other users file and other private information
  • Allows user to select PHP versions 4.4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, and 5.5



Linux servers have to be rebooted quite often to prevent security issues that pop up in the kernel. Such reboots usually have to be done during off-hours, causing downtime. Not doing reboots can be catastrophic, and lead to serious security incidents. With KernelCare, security updates are applied automatically, to running system, without downtime – removing the need to reboot.

shield Security

Use of Encryption everywhere.
We force SSL everywhere possible like

  • Web site & Clients System
  • cPanel / WHM Access
  • FTP and Email (IMAP/POP/SMTP)



We use Atomicorp’s mod_security rules plus custom made rules tailored made for CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.

Our rules detect and prevent various attacks like

Site Defacement and Comment Spam XML Attacks Advanced Persistent Threats
Web Application Vulnerabilities SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting Recursion Attacks
Malware Uploads Advanced CSRF Attacks Data Theft and Information Leakage
Rootkits and Malware File and Code Injection Denial of Service Attacks
Cookie and Credential Theft

CageFS Security

CageFS is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own environment. Each user will have its own fully functional CageFS, with all the system files, tools, etc.

The benefits of CageFS are

  • Only safe binaries are available to user making less possible to an attacker to exploit the system
  • User will not see any other users, their files or their data anywhere
  • User will not be able to see server configuration files, such as Apache config files
  • User’s will have limited view of /proc file system, and will not be able to see other’ users processes

So a malicious user or a hacked account can’t harm the rest of the system and its users making it even safer respecting privacy.

headset Support

Support is very important and maybe #1 priority of most clients. Although we do our best for our services to run perfectly, sometimes problems may occur and questions come up when you are working on your project. You are not own your own! We are always ready to resolve your problems and answer every question of yours 24-7-365.