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Privacy Protection

Get rid of every trace of your personal information.

In America alone, there are an estimated 9 million cases of identity theft each year and 3 trillion spam emails sent each year. Spammers and thieves can get your information through your domain name’s public record. ID Protect keeps your information safe by privatizing your domain’s entry in public records.

Unprotected WHOIS

John Doe Productions
John Doe
12 Main St
Hollister, CA 95023
United States
(555) 555-1234

Protected with ID Protect

Whois Privacy Protection Service
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St – F1
Kirland, WA 98033
United States
(425) 274-0657

Keeps You Safe

ID Protect keeps your information private, so identity thieves can’t find you.

Get Emails That Matter

Legitimate emails such as purchase offers for your domain are still forwarded to you.

Blocks Spam

Your contact details are kept out of the hands of spammers, so you get less spam.

Complies with ICANN

ID Protect follows rules set out by ICANN, the governing body for domain names.

Domain pricing

TLD Price ($)
.com 12.90
.net 13.70
.org 13.70
.asia 16.10
.ws 21.30
.me 30.90
.tv 32.20
.biz 13.90
.info 13.90
.sx 38.70
.xxx 101.90
.ca 15.50
.us 9.00 9.00 11.70
.uk 9.00
TLD Price ($)
.de 9.00
.nl 10.30
.ru 5.80
.es 9.00
.cc 23.20
.co 32.20
.cn 9.70
.mobi 21.30
.wiki * 29.70
.social * 30.90
.ninja * 18.70
.global * 77.40
.jobs * 148.30
.pro * 16.80
.ink * 29.70
 –  –

TLDs like: .wiki, .social, .ninja, .global, .jobs, .pro & .ink are newly released and highly descriptive and therefore they are more rememberable to people (potential visitors).